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Our Physiotherapists focus on early recovery, maintaining independence and improving physical functioning. They target specific problem areas, assist with symptom management and advise on strategies to manage long term change by providing exercises, hands on treatment and activity modification guidelines. Our Physiotherapists are also skilled in providing treatment that will prevent complications before and after surgery. 

Who should see a Physio?

Physiotherapists can help with many different issues. If you have pain, headaches, tight or sore muscles, stiff joints or are experiencing a limitation of movement or function, you may find a physiotherapist very helpful!

Recovery from Surgery

For anyone recovering from surgery, physiotherapy is very important to ensure you are not left with any ongoing restrictions or limitations of movement. This is particularly important for anyone who has undergone a mastectomy or head and neck surgery.

The experienced Physios at Lift can help to guide you during your recovery from surgery to ensure you get the best outcome.


You do not need a referral to see one of our Physiotherapists.

Making an appointment

To make an appointment please call Lift on (08) 7231 8000. In most cases we will be able to provide you an appointment within a few days.


Initial Visit: $85 (30 minutes)

Subsequent Visit: $80 (30 minutes)


A rebate of $53.80 from Medicare may apply.
Alternatively, you may be able to claim through your private health insurer (under your extras cover).

Please ask the Lift staff for more details if you are unsure of what your out of pocket cost will be

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