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What should I bring to my initial visit?

·      Medicare Card

·      Private Health insurance Card

·      Partner or Friend

·      Completed Patient forms 

·      Comfortable loose clothing


What are the out of pocket expenses for the services at Lift?

Fees will be determined by the services you access and other factors such your level of private health insurance and what other treatment you are also receiving (Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy)

Self-Funded (Uninsured)

If you are self-insured (uninsured), please request an Estimate of Expense from us.

The Estimate of Expenses will be based on the type of treatment and interventions required


Will my Oncologist, Surgeon or General Practitioner be involved in the care I receive at Lift?

With your consent, we will communicate with your treating doctors and specialists to ensure you receive the right care at the right time. 


How Are Family Members Involved in Care?

Carers and family members are encouraged to be involved in your initial visit. We will ask you who you would like to be involved in your ongoing care. We do appreciate the importance of family involvement in your care, and also the importance of support for your family members. Our staff are experienced in assessing how family members are coping during this difficult time and can respond as required.