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Pain Specialist


Dr Alette Bader

Meet our Pain Specialist, Dr Alette Bader

Dr Alette is experienced in the areas of chronic pain, acute pain, and cancer pain. Her goal is to improve pain control and restore quality of life for those who have otherwise been unsuccessful in pain management.

Living with pain of any sort is hard work. It is not only exhausting, but can impact your enjoyment of everyday activities.
The reasons for being in pain and the different ways of managing them can be complicated, which is where pain specialists come in.

Who should see a Pain Specialist?

If you are suffering from pain and have tried everything else, you may want to consider seeing a pain specialist.


As Dr Bader is a specialist, you will require a referral to make an appointment. You can visit your GP or another other specialists and they will be able to write you a referral.

As Dr Bader will review your referral before seeing you, please ask you referring Doctor to fax or email the referral through to Dr Bader on your behalf.

Referrals to Dr Bader can be emailed to
Or faxed to 08 7200 3108 *(please use the area code as this is a digital fax)


Initial consult $332.20 (Medicare rebate of $132.20)

Out of pocket cost $200

This appointment will last for 45 minutes.
Following your assessment Dr Bader will write back to your referring Doctor to let them know of the treatment plan for your pain.

Review consult $216.25 (Medicare rebate of $66.25)

Out of pocket cost $150

This appointment will last for 30 minutes.


You will be eligible for a rebate from Medicare (as indicated above)