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Consumer Feedback

We welcome feedback from patients, carers and families. Feedback about your care, treatment or our service may be in the form of a compliment, concern or complaint.

Telling us about your experience, helps us better understand our service from a patient’s point of view. This allows us to think about and improve our service.

Complaints Process

If you need to contact our Consumer Liaison to report a complaint we will respond in a timely manner. To help us resolve the matter in the most satisfactory way, please be ready to share the following information: 

  • the nature of your complaint

  • your medical record number (if known)

  • the name(s) of the person(s) involved

  • the date on which the problem occurred

  • any ideas about how you would like us to help.

A Consumer Liaison will investigate your concerns. This may include:

  • asking your permission to start the investigation if someone else is calling on your behalf

  • talking with you and/or your family so that we understand your concerns

  • contacting and talking with the person(s) named in your concerns

  • reviewing all appropriate documents, including your medical record, if necessary

  • working with you to resolve the problem.

We will make every effort to resolve your concerns within 7 working days, but that may not always be possible.

A letter will be sent to you with the result, as well as the following information:

  • details of your concern

  • steps taken to resolve your complaint

  • results of the investigation.

Providing Feedback

Feedback is a valuable source of information at Lift Cancer Care Services. All patients, family and friends have the right to complain or question any part of their healthcare.

If you are worried about any part of your care, please tell a staff member straight away. Our staff will work with you to resolve your concerns straight away. If your concerns continue or you feel they have not been resolved, you can contact our Consumer Liaison.

All our patients have access to the Consumer Liaison. The Consumer Liaison will listen to what you have to say and discuss any concerns you may have.

Your discussion with our Consumer Liaison will be fed back to the areas concerned, as this enables us to improve our service. However if you don’t wish your details to be shared your feedback can remain anonymous through out this process.

The Consumer Liaison will look into your concerns and assist in resolving them. You will receive a response about the outcomes of the investigation.

To contact the Consumer Liaison:

  • call 08 7231 8000

  • email

  • complete the form 'Tell us what you think' below

  • post your feedback to:

Consumer Liaison, Lift Cancer Care Services

520 South Road, Kurralta Park SA 5037

If we have tried to resolve your concerns but you are still unhappy with the result, you may seek help from the Office of the Health Service Commissioner.

The Office of the Health Service Commissioner is an independent and impartial government authority. This office helps protect your right of access to your health information.You can contact the Office of the Health Service Commissioner on 1300 582 113.

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Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights

The Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights allows patients, consumers, families, carers and service providers to have a common understanding of the rights of people receiving health care .

You can learn more by clicking this link.