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Dr Alex Goldsworthy


Initial Assessment $335 (payable on day of consultation)

Medicare rebate of $224.60

Out of pocket expense $110.40

Follow-up appointments

  • Please note follow up appointments are charged on time (include time required to write reports).

  • The fees listed below are the most you will pay at a follow up visit.

(payable on day of consultation)

Medicare rebate of $158.45

Out of pocket expense $110.40

Dr Alexandra Goldsworthy is a Specialist Psychiatrist working from Lift. She has a special interest in women’s health, psychiatry of old age, psycho-oncology and psychotherapy.

Dr Goldsworthy provides care in the full spectrum of adult and geriatric psychiatry, taking a holistic and integrative approach to physical and psychological well-being. She believes medication, when necessary, works best alongside psychological therapy and can offer regular appointments for psychotherapy.

Dr Goldsworthy is accredited at Ashford Hospital, Flinders Private Hospital, St Andrew’s Hospital and Memorial Hospital. She is happy to consult to in-patients at these hospitals.

Dr Goldsworthy is committed to providing the highest standard of treatment and service for adults requiring psychiatric care and recognises her patient’s rights to know about their care and to be involved in their treatment.


Most patients are referred by their General Practitioner (GP). This referral lasts 12 months.

Dr Goldsworthy will need to see your referral before booking your first appointment, so for this reason, please ask that your referral is sent by fax or email to Dr Goldsworthy’s rooms at Lift.

After your referral has been reviewed, you will be called and we will book your first appointment.

Referrals to Dr Goldsworthy can be emailed to
Or faxed to 08 7200 3108 *(please use the area code as this is a digital fax)