Combating Fatigue

Cancer Related fatigue is one of the most common side effects of cancer treatment. It is also one of the side effects that has the most impact on quality of life. Fatigue will be experienced differently for everyone.

Cancer related fatigue is something that often needs to be approached from a few perspectives.

How can you manage cancer related fatigue?

fatigue - wind up person.gif

Eat well - Good nutrition plays a very important role in managing fatigue.

Good emotional support – Ensure you have a good network of people around you to support you. This may include family, friends or a Psychologist.

Reduce Stress - Learn and practice ways of dealing with your stress. These may include things like deep breathing, meditation, reading, listening to music, or other things you like to do.

Rest – Giving your body time to rest is important. Ensure you are not resting too much though as this may make your fatigue worse.

Activity modification – You may need to adjust the way you do certain things in order to conserve energy. Asking other people to help with physical tasks such as shopping and cleaning are a good start.

Stay active! Exercise Medicine is one the best ways to do this. Seek help from a trained professional who can prescribe you with safe and appropriate exercise to help combat your fatigue.

Lauren Whiting