Lift marks World Cancer Day with morning tea

On Monday 5th of February Lift hosted a morning tea to mark World Cancer Day 2018.
The tag-line this year was WE CAN. I CAN.

Cancer effects everyone in different ways and as we mark World Cancer day, we have the chance to reflect on what we can do together and what power we have within our own ecosystems to take action to reduce the impact this disease has on individuals, families and communities.  

Lift has been born out of our belief that people with cancer deserve easy access to services that will support them through their acute treatment. We aim to provide cancer patients with the right care at the right time all in the one place. By having access to services such as exercise medicine, speech pathology, dietetics and psychology, the side effects of cancer treatment can be kept to a minimum, and as a result, treatment can be completed uncompromised and quality of life, maintained.

Each of us will have a different capacity for action and this morning it was wonderful to get together with consumers, carer givers, clinicians and managers to talk about the diverse ways we can all contribute. 

When we put the call out for support for our morning tea, these local businesses couldn't have been more amazing! The lovely teams at Short Order Grind It Espresso and Bomdia Bowls Açaí Bar not only made sure we enjoyed a fresh, delicious and healthy morning tea, it was hand delivered and all on their day off! 

Thank you to Sam at the team, your donation helped make our event the huge success that it was.

For anyone not yet acquainted with these guys, check them out on Mosely Street at Glenelg.

Lauren Whiting