Nutrition and cancer

Why is nutrition important if you have cancer?

Nutrition and diet is important during cancer treatment, however it can be a little different to the normal recommendations for healthy eating.

The individual situation of the person needs to be considered so that the right advice can be given in order to maximise treatment and minimise side effects.

Some of the common reasons you may wish to consider what you are eating and when you are eating include keeping common issues such as weakness and fatigue at bay, as well as ensuring your body is in the best condition to fight infection and heal wounds.

What should I eat if I have cancer?

Depending on your type of cancer and your treatment, you may need a diet that is higher in calories and protein.

For people who are having difficulty with finding things they feel like eating (maybe due to change in taste, dry mouth, ulcers or loss of appetite), it is a good idea to talk to your Oncologist or a Dietitian about some strategies. There are simple things you can do to ensure you are able to maintain an adequate level of nutrition, which in turn will keep your body functioning as efficiently as possible.

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Lauren Whiting