Mind Full, or Mindful?

Mindfulness picture.png

For some people, stress and worry can be normal parts of everyday life. Sometimes, however, we can find ourselves getting ‘caught up’ or consumed by our worries and negative thoughts, which can negatively impact our mood and quality of life. My job as a Clinical Psychologist involves helping people to develop strategies for managing distress and to help them to live a rich and meaningful life. Mindfulness is one skill that we can develop that helps us to spend more time in the present moment and less time ‘caught up’ in our thoughts (much like our canine friend in the picture above!).

Today at LIFT we held a mindfulness group in our ‘Zen’ room where I lead some of our clients through the ‘5 Senses’ mindfulness exercise. This exercise helps people to find a ‘quiet calmness’ during an otherwise busy and full day. The ‘5 Senses’ exercise involves ‘grounding’ ourselves in the present moment by focusing on each of our senses while ‘letting go’ of unhelpful thoughts or worries. After the completion of the exercise we had a group debrief where we discussed how everyone found the exercise. There was a strong consensus of an overall feeling of relaxation and calmness and one client requested that her blood pressure be measured as she felt it was lower than it had been in some time!

Mindfulness is just one strategy that psychologists can help people to develop and lead a meaningful and values-based life. If you are interested in being a part of these groups and other similar classes, then please make contact with our LIFT team.


Kenzie is a Clinical Psychologist at Lift. Her passion lies in supporting individuals and family members through major life-changing diagnoses, illness and injury.