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   What we're all about

To create a safe and supportive community for cancer patients in which they feel empowered to actively participate in therapies that will enhance the management of their cancer treatment and improve their quality of life



We provide a collective approach to everything we do
We consider the perspectives of everyone involved
We act together, in the interest of achieving the best outcomes

We are aware of and respond to the needs of others
We care for all members of the Lift community
We recognise and respect the dignity of others

We take an active interest in others every time we interact with them
We show empathy towards each other
We take the time to understand each other’s values and act according to these values

To excel, and be to recognised, as leaders in the provision of integrated cancer care services in South Australia.


We accept responsibility for our actions
We complete tasks to the best of our ability
We demonstrate a responsible approach to our environment

We have the courage to do what is right
We are honest and trustworthy in our dealings with others

Person Centered Care

At Lift Cancer Care Services, we believe that working with patients and their families is the key to providing exceptional care. This philosophy is called person-centered care. It means that we involve you in planning and delivering your care, so we can meet your individual needs and preferences.

We hope you will:

• Ask questions about your care and treatment.

• Tell us about any concerns you have.

• Get involved in your care, as much as you’d like.

• Tell us if you have any special requests for your care and treatment.

• Tell us what we’re doing well and what we could be doing better.

Your Rights & Responsibilities

We believe staff, patients, families and carers all have a mutual right to expect, and a responsibility to provide, respect and dignity to each other.

The following list outlines your rights as our patient in accordance with the Australian Charter on Healthcare Rights and the principles of the Human Rights Act.

Access to health care: you can access services to attend to your healthcare needs including pastoral and spiritual care as required.

Safe and high quality care: you receive safe and high quality health services, which are provided with professional care, skill and competence.

Communication: you receive open, timely and appropriate information about your healthcare and the treatment you are receiving in a manner you can understand.

Participation: you may join in making decisions and choices about your care and health service planning.

Parental rights: you can exercise your rights as a parent or guardian of a child.

Respect: the care provided shows respect to you and your culture, beliefs, values and personal characteristics.

Privacy: your personal privacy is maintained and proper handlingof your personal health and other information is assured.

Comment: you can comment on or complain about your care and have your concerns investigated and responded to.